I am truly obsessed with light, colour and shape! I constantly strive to give my creations the special touch that will fit today’s design trends and style - Perhaps the ideal momentum to create a unique, beautifully crafted piece.
— Clarisse Dutraive
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Ateliers Clarisse Dutraive

Haute Couture Light & Glass... Made in France.

With her own striking style, this visionary colourist combines coloured glass shapes and light to create unique illuminated patterns - the finishing touch to some of the boldest and brightest hotels, restaurants, bars, office spaces or homes in France.

Based in Paris, Clarisse Dutraive uses specific glass-fusing techniques. She experiments with light, colours and transparency to produce her unique work medium.  Her handmade lamps - true works of art - are made from glass that she selects from the most extensive range of colour-ways. Each creation is made from sections of cut glass arranged into specific shapes and heated at a high temperature. The special oven is designed to fuse the decorative sheets together, into unique and exquisite patterns.